I’ve found myself feeling somewhat apathetic towards certain things lately. So many things seem to keep vying for my attention, different brands, different causes, different needs. Part of me was wondering if I’m just becoming grouchy or do I not really care at all or something else? Then came across this one study (just read the abstract) where it looked at prisoners of war dealing with severe stress through apathy (http://ajp.psychiatryonline.org/cgi/content/abstract/112/12/998). While I recognize that I am not a PoW nor do I have the extreme levels as indicated in this article, there is an underlying principle that seems to suggest a person almost emotionally detaches themselves from some things because to give emotional attention to EVERYTHING that’s vying for it would cause undue stress on the body. Lately I’ve been feeling a whole variety of stresses/causes/needs from family life to work environments to charities pushing their agendas to sports and entertainment trying to get me to buy into their stuff to brands wanting to suck my resources into them to etc., etc., etc. Some are legit and necessary, but it hurts my brain when EVERYONE seems to think their cause/issue/need should have primary attention in my life. I wonder (and by all means I’m not an expert nor do I have empirical data on this) if at times I just don’t care about some things because something in me says it would cause an overload of stress and thus it’s just not worth looking at. Could it be, in this global village of ours, while the world seems to have gotten smaller, the needs of all the issues pressing around us are now becoming expansive and more frequent?

I also realize that my “tolerance level” may be less than others who can “tolerate” all these stresses better and thus be able to lend their attention to a greater range of things. I also realize that my temperament is not of a “pusher” i.e. I find it very hard to try to “push” things on other people unless I’m a huge believer in it (and that’s not many things that I would go all out for).

How do you deal with stress and all these causes? Do you empathize and give attention to everything that’s coming at you? If so, how do you handle it? If not, are there times when you’re apathetic to certain things?

The ramblings of a sometimes-apathetic human being …