Recently read Leading from the Second Chair (Bonam, Patterson). Coincided well with the transition of my direct supervisor into a new role and the search for a replacement began. For a while, I did consider it. But there was a tension inside of me that needed to be worked out. There was a hesitancy knowing what that role entailed and who I really am. I had wondered if the second chair could be considered a life calling vs. a stage in career progression. Right now, I think I’m where God wants me exactly. The second chair is not just a subordinate role, but rather a place where leadership, if valued by the primary leader, can really help move an organization forward with greater synergy.

Recently, my wife and I have been watching a bunch of old Star Trek TNG and Voyager episodes. I identify with the first commander vs. the captain. I have been called at times in my career to “step up” and be the captain temporarily. But it seems that second chair is where I’m to be right now without a planned aspiration to become first chair. Interesting how videos like the one from Derek Sivers shows the value of what a second chair brings (

Will I remain in this type of role until retirement? Who knows but only God. But for now, my place, it seems, is as a second chair (but you never know what God may have in store …)