For the last 4 days, it’s been go-go-go. From the youth pastors forum to the Canadian Youth Workers Conference to the CB youth leaders meeting to the CBOQ/CYWC delegate debrief lunch to the DR group leaders meeting (and the CB Youth team meetings the next 2 days), it’s just been a constant go. I realize that I basically brought it upon myself (trying to utilize all the people involved with efficiency). But also realized that after a while, my brain becomes mush. Sure, I kept up on email, voicemail, tweets, FB, etc. But I also see a pile of papers growing on my desk, a series of to-dos building and my brain is just scattered. Details of events and other assignments that need to be completed. Thoughts of big-picture thinking of where youth ministry is heading (and what that means for youth workers and churches). Reflections of what I’ve heard the last 72 hours and what is God really saying through that?

I find at times, I just need to sit by myself and just gradually let all those different scattered thoughts come to fruition. Even now, as I write this at 1:31 am EST, I’m sitting in my office not because I’m obligated, but because for my own decompression, I need to go through things to allow my brain to release it away.  Even my wife recognizes this (as she encouraged me to go do it).

How do you decompress?  I’ve heard of one retreat director when he always returned home from a weekend retreat needed to just sit down in front of a TV, watch the highlight retreat video and allow for time of reflection over the previous 48 hours.  Maybe you need to go for a walk or journal or hit the driving range.

As I’m getting older, the more I’m learning what exactly I need to do in order to let my brain decompress all that it’s experienced, in some ways, to allow it to be free.  After spending 2 hours here in the office, I can now just “let it all go” and allow other thoughts to gradually develop with all these scattered thoughts becoming hindrances.