It’s always interesting listening to people talk about what they deem essential, what they now have that they could never do without. Today, I was listening to Greg Brady on the Fan 590 do a segment on the longevity of 3D-TV in sports entertainment. It was interesting to see where people drew the line. Some felt that 3D was here to stay and everyone’s gonna have one soon. Also funny to hear how some people assumed everyone already has an HD TV (I know I don’t).

I feel like we’re constantly battling over what we deem as essential, what we “can’t live without”.  Our family, at least right now, doesn’t have a smartphone (but we do have 2 cell phones), doesn’t have cable TV, lives off 2 laptops with 1 SD 22″ flat-screen and an old CRT TV.  Yet I know others who have less than that.

So what’s “enough”?  Jesus challenges us with what do we really need.  While I realize that what I need may be different from what you (whether we’re in the same country or literally countries apart), it still doesn’t diminish the fact that likely at times, we need to check back on what is really essential (and what is really a blessing from God for reasons beyond our understanding).  I know for me, every so often, I get the push to want to check out the latest smartphones, to see what I could do with it, and start wondering “do I need it?” Right now, it’s not busted.  I guess when the day comes, I’ll need to look into another one.  But even on that day, I’ll need to ask what do I REALLY need in a phone and just what God provides.

So what can I do without?  There’s probably a lot of things even as I look around my room that I could do without.  A tough question.  What’s your answer?