The last few weeks, our youth group has been dwelling on this idea of interruptibility.  Thanks to some teachings from John Ortberg, we were looking at the stories of Joseph (Matt. 1:18:25) and Mary (Luke 1:26-38) and seeing how they handled God’s interruption in their lives.  The challenge was, how interruptable will they be when God prompts them?  This led to a couple of exercises, including an improv skit they presented to the church and periodically asking each other “what’s your interruptibility quotient?” (1 = completely blind to God’s promptings and completely focused on my own agenda, 10 = completely open and aware of God’s leadings).

It got me thinking about what makes me “interruptible”.  It seems when my IQ is inversely correlated with the fullness of my schedule.  For instance, I was at a conference a couple of weeks ago.  It turns out I missed a lunch meeting (got the wrong day).  So, I just wandered a bit not knowing what I was going to do.  Then I sat down with a couple of volunteer youth workers from one of our CBOQ churches and what originally started as a simple conversation turned into a 1-hour consultation.  Seems my IQ at that point was high.  Conversely, when my schedule is packed, I just keep going and going without necessarily being available or open to God’s interruptions.  Perhaps I need to leave some space in my schedule just for interruptions.  Easier said than done sometimes, but needs to be done nonetheless.

So what’s your IQ?