This Christmas, more than other times, I’ve noticed just how much energy goes into making Christmas “just right” for family, relatives and friends.  I also recognize how many resources that’s lavished on our family (just looking at the mounts of gifts my kids got from the aunts and grandparents).  While I appreciate the generosity of my relatives, I can’t help but think whether all those resources, time and energy might be of better use directed towards other things that may be more important.  This year, more than before, I’ve felt that wrestling between commercialism and me and the mission of Jesus Christ.  And I can’t help but wonder if we as Christians shifted the majority of our resources (including time and energy) into the mission of Christ, what would look different?  My suspicion is that it would look radically different.

I wonder sometimes if I am ignoring the true beckoning of Christ and settling for a “North American, middle class faith” that does some good, but falls way short of what Jesus is really challenging me to do.  I’m pretty sure that I’m not meant to be an overseas missionary or anything (at this point), but my life and the way I live my faith would be different and culture-shifting (as Andy Crouch would suggest).

Someone said to me, “Your kids are going to take after you.”  While meant to be a form of affirmation or compliment, it challenged me to realize that I’m not living my faith as fully as I should.

Yet I look around and I start asking the question, “who really is”?  Or is this the kind of faith we’re meant to carry out in our North American context as Jesus shifts things around for his kingdom’s sake?