Recently, a friend on FB shared an audiobook on human trafficking. His comments equated human trafficking to the horrors of slavery, which I completely agree with. I started thinking how slavery was combatted with people who had an obsessive passion, who constantly thought/ate/slept that passion and tried to mobilize others toward that passion. A part of me wonders if I’m lacking that passion and thus am not as effective as God has called me to be.  I wonder if I’m lacking that zeal that helps bring change in the world.  The disciples had it, and they altered the course of history.  The abolitionists had it and altered the face of slavery.  Perhaps if enough people were obsessively passionate about ending human trafficking, it would end in our lifetime.

Yet I also look around and there are many people who are obsessively passionate about their “cause” (Middle East, gay rights, theological purity, etc.).  In my own life, I always get bombarded with tonnes of obsessive passions (some for good stuff, others who really stupid stuff) that keep wanting to draw me into their obsessive passion.  At times, it seems like there are too many people with obsessive passions for different things.  So who do you draw towards?

So I wonder, maybe this is a both-and instead of an either-or.  Perhaps God has equipped certain people with obsessive passions (from building schools in impoverished neighbourhoods to evangelism to everything else) to help us remember what tugs at the heart of God.  As well, there are those, like me, who may not have the same obsessive passions, but through awareness we help direct others (and maybe ourselves) towards that which God has called us to support.

So what’s your obsessive passion?

g to pull everyone to their cause
– does God intentially utilize both spectrums?