A while back ago, I was in a conversation where someone was sharing that it seems like our society/culture no longer has a meta-narrative (i.e. our “big story” http://www.sociology.org.uk/ws1k5.htm).  i.e. In what was a Christian culture where stories of the Bible were passed down through print and the education system, this person was suggesting that there are no meta-narratives now.  Other cultures have their meta-narratives, whether it’d be First Nations with their legends, different religions and their myths, etc.

Yet it seems (at least in North American and perhaps becoming more universal) is the meta-narrative of mainstream media (movies, TV, music, etc.), particularly movies.  A great majority of people in North America are aware of stories like Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, etc.  While we may not necessarily agree with message portrayed, the fact is those have become the meta-narratives within our culture (and there becomes more succinct ones with smaller sub-cultures e.g. Twilight).  Whether we want to realize it or not, those stories help define our culture and become a common language amongst North Americans.

Perhaps that’s why it seems, especially from a Bible-teaching perspective, trying to relate or connect with our one part of our meta-narratives, i.e. movies, become so powerful.  It is a common language that allows us to communicate different abstract truths in very concrete terms.

What meta-narratives do you see being strung through our lives?