I have to admit that lately I’ve been thinking about smartphones.  Sometimes, as I work on my cheap phone, I do get a bit impatient in terms of what it can’t do and the seemingly-wasted time in having it load as well as the limitation of no multi-tasking on it.  So I got the urge to just go ahead and get a smart phone.

But then, I started to reflect on a thought: do I actually need to be more productive?  And if I did get a smartphone and likely would be more productive, what would it cost me (not just in terms of money) to make that happen?  I realize already that at times I’m probably working on stuff when I should really be present and in the moment of whatever is happening around me, whether it’s with my family, with friends and colleagues and with God.  Perhaps the increased productivity would mean even more sacrifices and distractions from those who should mean more to me.

So for now, not having a smartphone actually slows me down because I probably need to.  It’s a reminder that while it’s good to be efficient and productive, I can’t base my identity on how much more I can do.  Rather, I need to be reminded (almost constantly) to be present in those moments that I may never get back whether it’s with my wife, my kids and especially with Jesus.