Nowadays, you hear, especially in the IT world, about having redundancies i.e. multiple systems that become a backup (to the backup to the system).  At first, it seems like a waste of money to have that many different systems.  But it’s quite wise especially if one system fails for whatever reason, the whole structure doesn’t fall apart because of it.

A few years ago, I had moments when I became a “redundant leader”.  I was involved in different events where really I wasn’t needed all the time.  However, because of both my gifts/skills and my understanding of the operation, I was able to help fill in wherever needed, particularly in higher management/director levels.  With my strength of “connectedness”, I can see how several systems integrate together to help fulfill the objective(s) of that event.  There were times when I needed to step in to make it happen.

As I reflect, I realize that is one of my “spiritual gifts” (I realize it’s not listed in the Bible specifically, but I believe it is a gift from God for spiritual use).  Many times, I may not be a crucial part of an organization.  However, by staying in the loop, I can be useful in stepping in whenever and wherever I’m needed.

I guess I am a redundant leader.