More and more, I’m finding it intriguing the role of a speaker.  This may sound weird coming from someone who is occasionally a speaker.  Today, I listened to one (who was pretty good).  At the same time, I heard someone say before the presentation, “I’m heard her speak before; she’s a good speaker”.  I’ve heard that about different people (not sure if I’ve really heard that about me, but I digress).  There seems to be this weight of authority that’s put into the speaker that at times I wonder if it’s really necessary.  Grant it, in our education system, the lecturing style (especially in adult education) is still the dominant style.  I also believe that, at least in preaching, there is something divine and providential that happens in a sermon (another form of 1-way verbal communication).  However, I wonder if sometimes we’ve put too much weight on the speaker.  We also make it feel like that if we don’t have “a speaker”, then there isn’t enough authority or credibility to the event.  (I guess in some cases that’s true, but this something seems to be the default.)

Where am I going with this?  Not entirely sure.  It’s just caught my ear lately when I heard about “the speaker” (even when I’m in the speaking position).  And I wonder if maybe we just put too much emphasis on that person at times.