Yesterday, Canada went through a seismic political shift in its landscape. Many firsts came (Liberals being 3rd, Bloc no longer an official party, NDP becoming the official opposition, Green party getting a seat). Based on the comments on Facebook, the reaction was also split from great elation to jumping ship out of the country. In some ways, this is new territory. Yet politically, we’ve seen strange stuff before. A sovereignist party as Canada’s official opposition. The Progressive Conservatives (one of the main parties for most of the 1900s) was decimated to 2 seats and eventually merged with the Reform Party to ultimately become the Conservative Party of Canada. Now with the buddings of the Green Party and the evolution of the NDP, once again, the political face of Canada changes. One of the key details I’ve noticed is the fact that politically, if a paradigm or structure doesn’t work, it changes into something that does. The left and right political spectra continue to shift and morph into different variations (though the spectrum itself never changes).

It got me thinking about a comment made the other day to me when discussing church ministries, someone said that sometimes the Christian church (at least in the Canadian context) tends to hold on to its structures a bit too tight when perhaps God is changing his strategy in reaching the world. God’s message has never changed, but his strategy does. The Gospel remains the same but the way it’s presented is ever evolving. Sometimes, we a the church fail to recognize when God has decided to end something that he blessed for a time to shift resources into something else he’d like to use in blessing a community. Sometimes we hold on too tight and become so “survivalist” in our mentality that we misuse God’s resources and miss what he’s doing around us. Perhaps if we were willing to allow things to shift as he sees fit (like we seem to allow happen at least in our Canadian political landscape), then perhaps we’d be more effective in bringing his grace and love to those around us.

May God grant us the awareness to know when he’s shut a ministry down, to celebrate God’s working through it and his directives to move ahead.