Lately, I’ve been hearing  a lot of organizations use the words “partner” and “resource”.  “We’re here to partner with you.  We’re here to resource you.”  And many times, whether explicitly or implicitly, that leads to “so here’s how you can buy into it or help support it or utilize it”.  I don’t doubt the good-nature these organizations have (and I know I’ve used those words myself as well).  But I wonder, what if I don’t want to use your resources?  What if I don’t think it’ll be a good resource for me?  What if I’ve got enough ministry partners as it is and to add one more would be overwhelming? I wonder if one key question that these organizations have asked is, “what if this is no longer needed or effective?”  What will they do?  Rebrand themselves?  Rediscover their “niche” (which is part of the problem, because many organizations have such a broad niche that they try to hit everyone without really hitting anyone)?  Would they consider the fact that that particular brand or product is no longer needed and just let it die off?

I guess these “fad words” really just eek me unless you are offering without any strings attached or any “sales pitch”.  I ask myself that as well when I offer something, that I really am offering for their benefit (and a lot of less of mine). Maybe that’s what’s part of the problem is with that ask, to who’s benefit is it for really?  And sometimes, we deceive ourselves when it’s really more for our survival than for their benefit.  At that point, maybe it’s worth just letting it God has already gone to do something else.