For some reason, been thinking about what do people get paid for, or what should people be paid for?  It seems there are no clear-cut answers.  There are some simple answers: for a service or product rendered.  If I’m working in an assembly line, I get paid to make sure I do my role on that line and to help make products that will be sold.  I do a service that’s traditionally been expected for pay (e.g. medical services, lawyers, etc.).  Yet there is that blurry line what I think I should be paid for and what people expect for free.  Seth Godin touched on this in a blog (

I’m wondering sometimes what is it that I do that I should seek compensation and what should I do that I should freely give away.  Maybe there are some things I’ve got mixed up on and I should re-categorize them as such.  Some people, I think, are a bit delusional in what they think they should get paid for.  I wonder sometimes if we expect pay for services that really are meant to be voluntary and free.  Yet I look around and see there are some pretty stupid things we pay people to do (like hit some rubber thing into a metal frame on frozen water or through a leather ball into the air hoping it gets into a cylinder).

What should we get paid to do?  Just random thoughts in my head.