There’s something about a series finale that hooks me.  Almost any TV series, I’m drawn to the finale.  It can be from Home Improvement to Hannah Montana to ER to whatever.  To see how it all wraps up.  To have closure of something that may have been a great run.  To see it finish well.

I think what fascinates me and challenges me is to see how I finish well, in whatever stage of life.  There are many finales that give you a sense of “it is finished” (like the Friends series finale).  There are others where they didn’t finish well and it leaves a bad taste (like the Seinfeld series finale).  In the last few weeks, our church family has hosted a couple of finales as those friends move on to their next chapter, and we wanted to make sure this chapter would finish well.  Several students, as they complete graduation, hopefully will finish well.

What does it mean to finish well for you?