Saw an incident recently at a drop in where a kid came up to a supervisor complaining how another kid hurt him in the back.  He came, told the supervisor what happened and waited for a response.  The supervisor, since he didn’t see any of it, tried to console the boy.  The boy tried to prod a bit further, “but what about him?”  You could tell by his tone that he wanted some kind of justice, some kind of revenge.  Fortunately, things didn’t progress any further.

Interesting how we often cry out for justice so quickly and easily when we feel wronged.  Yet I also wonder how that boy (and all of us really) would be so quick if we wronged someone else, if we delivered injustice to anyone else.  (Fact is, as a middle-class North American society, we collectively have many times over.)

So how quick are you to reach for the mantle of justice?