The other day, heard someone make a comment that they needed Red Bull to make it through another meeting. I know of times when I’ve depended on pop and snacks to help me stay awake while driving long distances. Yet I wonder, what does that really tell us? Some thoughts that my mind wandered towards:
– Do we really think we’re all that? Do we think that we’re so indispensable that we need to keep going at any cost? Grant it, there are times when we have responsibilities that for a short season will require a lot of energy, maybe even strenuously straining. Yet if we think most of us should always be in that stage, we need to recheck that perception. The fact is, at least from my experience, many of us think we need to be much more engaged than maybe we should be.

– The fact that we seem do dependent on caffeine or other (legal or illegal) substances perhaps suggests are bodies are telling us something, that maybe we can’t keep that pace. Or maybe we’re not meant to keep that pace. Many times, our bodies will tell us just really what is out of whack and needs attention (after all, that’s why our bodies usually get sick).

– Who are you, really? What is your identity based on? From a Christian perspective, who does God say you are? Being honest and answering some of these, I believe, helps us to see what we really do need to engage in, trusting in the one who made us.

If you’re like me, and find sonetimes we become overly dependent over a period of time on anything (including caffeine) or anyone besides God, then maybe we need to see why and rectify it.