This week, our car had issues.  The radiator is leaking, the hose is broken and the car overheated so there’s a chance the engine may have been damaged.  Our car has almost 203,000 km now.  The question that we started asking was, is it worth fixing (because who knows what other problems might arise as the car gets older)?  Could we really get rid of the car and live off of TTC transit (with the occasion use of Autoshare)?  After 36 hours of prayer, advice from friends and countless conversations between Natalie and me (as well as the offer to leave our car in the mechanic’s lot for the rest of the month), we’re going to try it: let the Transit Transition begin!

Today’s journey to the pool, we missed our intended bus.  Thought we were going to be late for their swim lessons.  But we took an alternate route and just made it in time.  The kids are still getting used to the waiting at transfers.  I’m still getting used to all the walking (no gym membership needed for me if this keeps up).

For the rest of this month, we’re going to use our TTC passes to see if we can do everything we need to do with the occasional use of Autoshare.  I’ve already begun using the TTC to commute to work for the last 2 days.  We’ve also used TTC today for the kids’ swim lesson.  Some other scenarios we’re going to need to try out include:

  • going to the library
  • going to church
  • maybe the Science Centre
  • our daughter’s piano lessons in Brampton
  • trip out to Markham
  • grocery shopping

Will we survive?  Well, the next 2 days are a bit of a break since I need to rent a car for work.  But afterwards, I’ll be blogging what our “adventures” will be like.  Stay tuned.