Well, we’ve dived into this whole transit/car-sharing set-up.  I’ve been approved for Autoshare (woohoo) and hope to use its services soon.  But we’re starting our series of “experiments”.  Today was a trip to Vaughan Mills via their free shuttle from Union Station.

As expected, we decided to get ahead of the game and show up real early (more than 1 hr) to ensure we had seats.  It turns out by boarding time, 2 coach buses were full.  We took our time, got some lunch and prepared for our trek.  While I’m not one to like line-ups, at least when I was on the bus, I actually got to close my eyes.  That was enjoyable.  I think I may have dozed off (as my apparent snoring attested to).  We enjoyed our afternoon at the mall, went at a good pace and then boarded the shuttle to return home.  It took about 40 min. to get to the mall.  However, due to Gardiner Express issues, it took almost 75 min. to return.  This was a problem because I had an appointment that I was now going to be an hour late (and had to eventually cancel).  So what usually would be a 30 min. car-ride home was a 2 hr and 15 min transit trek.  The kids were pretty good about it overall.  Only a couple times at the beginning did they say “when are we getting our car back?”

Some pros: slower pace, got to nap

Some cons: lot more factors that can interfere with schedules

A side thought: grant it, there was about almost 1 hr 45 min that were “wasted”.  The productivity side of me says that’s not good.  Yet I wonder, maybe switching to transit will intentionally cause us to slow down our pace and to actually enjoy each other’s company, to actually waste time well (interesting that Seth Godin blogged on this today in his article “Wasted Time is not a Waste“). (There were times though when the kids’ questions were getting to be a bit much, but that’s another issue.)  Could it be that God is actually getting us to slow down our pace a bit and really sift through what’s worth doing and what can be tossed aside.  Even tonight, we’re already planning ahead but with more room for “interference”.

Tomorrow, our transit to church.