As some of you may have heard, HP announced it will discontinue its Touchpad tablet and its smartphone line.  Many saw this coming especially with the story a couple of days ago reporting that Best Buy was telling HP to take them back after selling a lot less units than anticipated (even after HP’s aggressive marketing campaign).  I half-joked on Facebook and Twitter that I’d buy one if they dropped to $100.  Lo and behold, tonight, when I checked on an electronic retailer website, I see the HP Touchpad for $99.  The catch was, you had to buy it in person, and 3 retailers were already sold out.  A few thoughts:

  • I thought it would have taken a few days for some sales flyer to come out and then the mass exodus to buy.  But we’re talking just mere hours from HP’s announcement that they are now sold out because of a massive price reduction.  This seems like advertising gone stealth.  And (at least from the social networks I’m on), there was NO indication this was happening.  So somehow, it also seems like you gotta be constantly looped in or else you may miss some incredible deals at unexpected times.  (But don’t expect me to be watching all the websites for hidden deals anytime soon.)
  • Just based on the aggressive ad campaign, I thought HP was making a big splash.  While I knew it wouldn’t be as huge as the iPad, I thought they were at least doing well.  Shows me how a slick marketing campaign can give an illusion contrary to reality.  Mental note: don’t always believe the advertisers (well, duh).

So there goes my tablet.  But oh well, in the end, it’s not going to change my life.  Only Jesus can do that.