So we used Autoshare the last 2 days. It worked out. A bit to get all the carseats in, but wasn’t too bad. Price is ok (though doing it too many times can really hit the pocket). Getting used to the TTC. I feel comfortable with it. Still don’t like the idea that I always have to buy child tickets, so if I want to go out with my kids tomorrow, instead of not worrying about how many times we travel, I need to be aware of running out of tickets. Just a hassle.

It seems as though we’re ready to move on without a car. Yet, a part of me has a bit of the “what if”. Right now, the cost of the car is approx. $100 more a month (but if we use Autoshare too much, then it’s a moot point). So a car does become quite handy. We are restricted by where we can go. That being said, the other side of me says that there are so many unknowns about the car (when will something else break down or tire alignment go or tires pop) that it may not be worth it.

We still have a few more days to go before we need to decide. Right now, seems like TTC/Autoshare are winning. Let’s see if we can sustain this.