Wow, this guy had issues.  He was disorganized.  His leadership team wasn’t in sync.  What he thought was a well-laid plan to help students develop their faith didn’t actually accomplish as much as he first theorized.  At the end of the night, on his way home, he thought to himself, “I suck as a youth pastor”.

Tonight, I had one of those nights.  In hindsight, there were a lot of things I dropped the ball on.  And I wondered to myself, “How do I coach others in youth ministry when I’m not doing that great myself?!” (of course, coaching is another topic for another day)  As I was waiting for the bus, I heard these 3 guys talking.  It was interesting to hear how they were really deep and really pressing on this one guy for basically selling out even though he claimed another value.  Then, they looked like the 3 stooges nailing each other in the groin (etc, etc., etc.).  And I realized, my pulse on youth culture probably isn’t as accurate as I might think.

God shattered my ego (which I need sometimes … many times).  I had to realize in prayer and confess that I didn’t fulfill my role as well as I know I can.  At the same time, God reminded me that it’s his grace that sustains me, even when I mess up.

So I suck as a youth pastor sometimes.  And I must realize, even if it’s my fault, this ministry is much bigger than me.  It’s God’s ministry.  While I can do what is within my capacity and my God-given mandate, I must trust that he will complete what has been started in each student.