What do you see when you look in the mirror? Many people see their physical “deficiencies”. I’ve heard of one woman who refused to look into a mirror for 1 year and has experienced some positive outcomes for her self esteem.

When I look into a mirror, I don’t see my physical deficiencies (though there are many). Rather, I ask, is this who I really am? I also see those deep-dark sins that really I don’t want anyone else to see but I can see them buried deep within me. Sometimes, I can’t even look myself in the eye because I know what darkness lurches inside me. But looking into a mirror forces me to come clean with it, to recognize that I should try not to pretend to be someone else, but to own up and have God continue to reshape me by tackling those dark spaces. It also reminds me that even with all my flaws (and because he’s already aware of all my imperfections and darkness), Jesus sees me, loves me and will stop at nothing to restore me to who he wants me to be.

What do you see in the mirror?