Usually, when a person is in their own bathroom, they are themselves. They fart whenever they want. They sing in the shower. Maybe you remember this clip from Rowman Atkinson as Johnny English. In our own bathroom, we are ourselves, probably as authentic and as transparent as we will ever be. Even in public washrooms, we have to be somewhat transparent. If you’re going in the stalls, you may fart because that’s part of our biological mechanism. It can be a bit embarrassing, but we tend to be ok with it because that’s what we do.

While I’m not advocating that we go around farting or doing whatever we do in our private bathrooms out in public (let’s have some level of social consideration), it does ask if we are authentic and transparent with people around us. Do we put on the act, pretending all is well while being torn inside? Do we completely shift into language that’s completely phony and not who we really are because it’s the language everyone else uses? (In my sphere, a lot of people speak of “intentional” and “strategic” yet is it really a part of our very make-up? Some cases yes, but in other cases, it’s just talk.) Do we play a role in a context and then a completely contrary one in another? That’s the essence of integrity, to be integral, to be whole. It’s not a fraction of yourself, but a display of who you are, the good, the bad, the ugly and being honest with that.

How are you letting your “bathroom transparency” show who you truly are in any context?