The other day, my kids’ optometrist was discussing whether my kids need glasses. Their prescription is borderline that it is not a necessity right now. “There visual scope isn’t as far as an adult,” she said. I thought about that. Take my girl who’s about 3.5 ft. The distance she can see out is a lot less than what I can see. Her scope is relatively limited. My son can see a bit further. As an adult, I have a broader visual scope and can be more aware of what might be coming their way.

This isn’t just for visual scope, but also a scope in life. The older I get, the deeper and broader (hopefully) my scope is based on what I’ve experienced, know and have learned. My kids’ scope isn’t that big, so sometimes they do things e.g. take a cookie without asking thinking they can get away with it, but their experience hasn’t helped them connect the dots to realize that mom/dad will somehow find out.  As a parent (and a youth leader),  I need to remind myself that part of my job is to help broaden their scope by connecting the dots. That’s why I depend on those wiser than me to do that as well.  (In many ways, that’s the essence of mentoring.)

How are you helping others broaden their scope by connecting the dots?