A few days ago, I rented a compact car. I was expecting something simple; ended up with a BMW. When I first got into the car, I didn’t even know how to start it. After a quick tutorial I was on the road.

Through those 48 hours, I noticed that I was much more cognizant of what people thought (or at least what I thought they thought) of me. I felt like I had to explain how this wasn’t my car and how it came about. I also noticed that I almost needed to “live up to the car”, that I had to act or dress in a certain way. “Because that’s what people with BMWs do!”

I realized that whether or not something fit me would pertain to my lifestyle (or what I’m aiming for). I have no problem driving an old, small car. But I feel the need to explain the BMW. I’ve got no problem with a cheap cellphone; I’d probably feel guilty with a new top-of-the-line (especially how quickly I go through them). In many ways, your possessions are, to some degree, a reflection of who you are and what you value.

So what do your possessions say about you today?