Steve Jobs has passed on.  Many are paying tribute to his innovations and how it has influenced how we interact with technology, which is quite profound.  Many of those tribute are fitting and (for many) deserving.

In the Toronto Star article, the reporters have a quote from technology forecaster Paul Saffo that caught my eye: “A hundred years from now, when people talk about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, Gates is going to be remembered for his philanthropy, not technology.”

We know what Job’s legacy is and, based on the tributes, that was what he devoted his life to.  It was his choice what he wanted to devote himself to.  Yet I wonder, in the grand scheme of life and existence, whether his innovations professionally will actually matter.  His celebritism will live on.  But will his legacy actually change the lives of those around for the better?

It challenges me to ask what legacy am I aiming for?  I pray that the legacy I leave isn’t necessarily one where I’m remembered for some “great things” I’ve done, but rather I hope my legacy actually makes a positive, profound, eternal impact to the lives around me.