Lately, lots of people, particularly in Christian circles, have been telling me I have to watch Courageous. I hear about how convicting it is as a father and the intensity. Let a part of me resists to go watch it, I think, for a couple of reasons.

1. Not always a fan of “having to watch” a movie unless there is something about it that resonates with me.

2. A bigger reason is I think many times, I am emotionally spent. I feel that a lot of times, life drains my emotions for a variety of reasons. So why would I want to spend time being even more emotionally drained. Rarely do I watch dramas, suspense or horror films because I’ve got enough in my life that could cover those (maybe not horror, but being scared is an emotion I’d rather avoid).

If I want to watch a movie, I’d rather just watch something light-hearted where I can replenish my emotional reservoir, not deplete. I have enough things in life that will drain me emotionally.