Main idea: To be happy, you need to be who you really are.

In Zookeeper, Griffin (played by Kevin James) tries to win the hand of his former fiancee. (In somewhat predictable fashion), he changes into the person she wants him to be, all the while noticing how he wasn’t happy. Near the end, he has this epiphany: “I thought I had to change who I was to be happy.”

How many of us feel that? We say, “if only I could be this” or “if only I could have that”, then I’d be happy. From a spiritual aspect, it is recognizing who we are in Christ and living out what he created us that will deeply resonate with you. It doesn’t mean you’ll never have troubles or won’t ever be sad. However, that fundamental feeling deep within us that gnaws at us when we’re not living the life we’re called to live probes us to discover who we really are.