Main idea: You can control your body with your mind. (Mind over body.)

Johnny English (played by Rowan Atkinson) is the at-time incompetent, bumbling, lucky and creative MI7 agent out to stop the assassination of the Chinese Premier.  From his training with a group of monks, English learns that the mind has control over the body, no matter what the body might experience.  The turning point is when English is given a mind-control drug and is able to overcome the mind-control to stop himself from killing the Premier.

Right now, in our society, there are a lot of different lifestyles or choices are we consider “predetermined” i.e. that’s how I was born.  We assume that those impulses are natural and thus should be followed.  While I’m not sure if the producers/director of this movie would explicitly suggest that, the main idea suggests it i.e. you can control your impulses if you choose to.  So the greater question becomes, what do you allow your mind to be controlled/influenced by?  If you accept the premise that you are “predetermined” with specific behaviours, then we need to be accountable to that.  The Bible suggests that our minds need to be transformed by God himself (Romans 12).  Ultimately, whatever our choices, we are to be held accountable and can’t just push aside responsibility to circumstances or other external variables.  For almost all actions, we have a choice and can decide which is the best way to act.

(On a side note, there is something annoying to me about a person with arrogance that thinks s/he knows what s/he is doing, yet completely screws up because of that arrogance/cockiness.  English demonstrates that at times (like when he first loses the first key to the Vortex).)