How do you assess “value”? Something that may seem valuable to one person isn’t as much to someone else. Two articles that sparked my interest: one article that claimed LeBron James is being “underpaid” based on his value. Another that reported a 50-carat rare diamond worth $10 million and auctioned at the “ridiculously” low price of $2.7 million. Yet as I look at these two examples, how accurate is it.

Some say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. I would suggest value is as well. Back to my two examples. 1. Frankly, I think LeBron’s already overpaid for being able put a ball in a hoop. He has no advertising influence on me, so really has no endorsement value to me.  2. I really think there’s more to do with $2.7 million than buy a “$10 million” diamond which will have eternal significance, not just something that only lasts here.

Frankly, I think value is sometimes overblown, or at least we think we’re worth. You may set the bar at a certain level, but chances are, if someone came up with more money, would you really say “you’re overvaluing me; let’s go with the lower price”. No, you would likely take it and run like a bandit. But how exactly we come to measure our value, from my limited scope on such things, seems quite subjective. Even the determining variables are not necessarily what all people would accept across the board.

From what I understand, we are each invaluable and yet we are all, from an instrumental view, all dispensible. How I see my value is not dependent on my paycheque, my assets (or in my case the lack of), power or popularity. I can only view my value based on the only one objective enough to do so ie God, and he says I’m worth dying for. That’s where I will take my value from.