I had a conversation with a friend who mentioned that he is a very broad but shallow reader. i.e. he skims through many books to get the gist of it so he knows something about many topics but isn’t that in depth with it. There are others who take just a few books/topics but are very thorough with them. Those are typically your “experts”.

Then there’s me. As I look at my life, I would tend to be more of a broad but shallow reader but not as broad as some people. So where do I fit in with the grand scheme of things? One word that jumps at me is “sampler”. I seem to be a sample of a variety of things to many people without having an expert status. For instance:
– B- (or maybe worst in some people’s opinion) level communicator: I can adequately communicate/preach a main idea, but definitely many others much more knowledgeable than me and much better than me.
– novice coach: Though adequate in helping people with some what/hows in their lives as 1-one-offs, but not skillful like others who can really ask powerful questions to very quickly get at the who.
– averagely efficient organizational manager: I know about administration, particularly in the spiritual context. However, still many other people who could do what I do better and I realize my own capacity is still limited i.e. I can’t really juggle that many things well.
– adequate youth leader: I know my materia and can execute ok, but know of some excellent people, whether paid staff or volunteers, who do exceptional work.

I’m wondering, is my life like that of a “sampler”, where I can give people a taste of what is decent in a given area (at a much reduced price) that eventually spurs them on to find better people in those areas? Is part of my calling to be a “sampler”?