Many times I hear that being a Christian is hard; e.g. it’s hard to be counter cultural. Jesus even says that few will take the narrow gate and many the wide road because they will not want it. There are those who take this as a hard stand, to protest everything “evil” and thus be “counter cultural”. Seems to me there’s a difference between appropriate counter cultural and just an idiot.

Jesus demonstrated a balance between what a holy life looks like (which by definition separates from the unholy) yet was able to bring grace and compassion to the sinful of the world. He had a way of not just accepting sinners where they were at, but challenging them to a very high standard without condescension (except for people who considered themselves superior).

So what does this look like today? At least in this part of the world i.e. Toronto, Canada, how does one live this out without compromising the standard of God’s word yet doesn’t move us to a point of superiority that makes us look like hypocritical idiots (because we all began as sinners)? There’s a fine (and sometimes seemingly allusive) line that Jesus lives. It will take some practice, but it’s a line I need to continue to strive for.