After some time in the “field”, many people want to be consultants. They may not use that word, but basically, they want to share their “expertise” with others. Some have that expertise; many really don’t (but think they do). What’s the allure of the “consultant”? I think there’s two things.

The Celebrity

To be the outside voice sharing information has a certain “celebrity” to it. Whether as a speaker, a consultant, adviser, etc, people are looking to that person to share that nugget of wisdom that will change their lives. And that audience, many times, treat them like a celebrity. Let’s face it, there’s an attraction to that. At some level, we all get a kick out of being “known/famous”.

No Ownership

The beauty of being a consultant is you have no ownership over change. The consultant comes in, gives his/her advice and the audience is free to take it or leave it. Thus, there is no “burden” to follow through. They move on to the next audience.

Being the consultant is some people’s calling, but isn’t for everyone (or even the majority). Sure, we all share what we know with others around us. But for many of us, it’s not what we’ll ever be paid for. And if we do, we need to check out motives and to approach it with humility because the lure of the “consultant” could drag us into an egotistical, self-cented and distorted sense of reality within the black hole of our arrogance.