If I were to coach myself about what is my primary role as a father and husband, it would be to lead and discern what God is doing with us and to move in that direction. That would mean to spend time with them to build memories and to demonstrate God’s love. Though I’m not always consistent in that and still need to grow and improve, if I were to coach myself, I’d continue to strive for that goal.

Yet a part of me feels the push of the world in defining what it means to be a good father, husband and provider. For many men, it drives them to make money, to provide whatever material things or experiences (e.g. vacations) they want. I realize there are many things that I can’t provide. In some cases, it’s best not to because of the values I believe God has set before us. I do sense God urging me to continue on his path of guiding them to see what God really values and how I can attempt to unite my family closer under God’s lordship.

Yet there is that one small voice that challenges that; if I really am being a good provider when my kids ask me for something and I need to say no because we can’t afford it. I realize in the big picture the benefits that has in the long run. I continue to battle the world’s voice that challenges if I’m not providing everything that I’m not really a man. Yet I hear the words of God through Micah: what is it the Lord expects of you? To act justly, to love mercy and to humbly walk before your God. Father, help me to stay on that path no matter what the world says.