The last 12 hours have been a struggle. Preparing for his dental surgery, he wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything as of midnight. At 2am, he woke up wanting water (which of course he wasn’t allowed to have). He threw his objections and protests at me, saying that water would make him feel better and it was healthy (all valid points). Yet he couldn’t grasp the big picture that he couldn’t have it. I kept offering that I would be with him through the night, knowing he would need to battle this natural pang in his stomach without relief. Then he started getting scared about the surgery. All through the night and this morning, I kept reminding him “I am here with you”.

How often we miss the big picture, with our whining or complaining or legitimate fear or frustration, that we don’t see what God sees. Yet he still reminds us “I am with you”. Sometimes, I need to remember that and allow God to carry me through without knowing the big picture. “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet.”