main idea: Your identity is not bound by how others define you.

While it may seem to some as a far-fetched, dumbed-down and maybe even idiotic movie, one key theme that filtrates through almost all the characters is working out who do others see you as vs who you really are. With Alvin, is he really as irresponsible as others think he is, or within him, is there a side to his character that really can step up to the occasion? With Simon, known as the brainiac of the trio, apparently has a wild (French/romantic) side within (which took a toxic venom to release it). Brittany, known as the more superficial “ditzy” girl actually has a creative and strong-organizational side. Janette, who thought she wasn’t lovable, is seen for the beauty that Simon sees her has.

What “pigeon-hole” do others put you in? Within my role at CBOQ, especially in my earlier days, I was seen as primarily the administrative one. My nickname in some circles was “Alvinistration”. (I even had a pastor of a committee refer to me as the “secretary”.) Yet those who know me realize that my depth of who I am stems much broader than just administration.

Who are you really, outside of who others say you are?