main idea: Before you make a move, think ahead.
Sherlock Holmes (at least the one portrayed by Robert Downey Jr) can be seen as an arrogant, highly intellectual SOB who’s so full of himself that he may even think he’s immortal.  One key moment in the movie (spoiler alert) is when he’s calculating how he will fight Dr. Moriarty (played by Jared Harris), which seems to be only a skill that he can do.  Yet in that thought process, Moriarty is able to match him step by step.  Near the end, you believe that Holmes has killed himself.  Yet he’s able to plan several steps ahead, (spiler alert) even how he survives the waterfall plunge.Sometimes, we tend think of only what pertains to the moment.
While we may not be able to predict the future, thinking several steps and anticipating another’s thought process helps us to plan a strategy and to anticipate what obstacles may come.  When we can address those issues, people are more likely to be able embrace a strategy and allows for objective evaluation. If we actually took time to think through scenarios, we could avoid many mistakes/pitfalls that some have succumbed to.