Recently, someone mentioned to me that my critical thinking can sometimes become a roadblock in an idea’s formation vs trying to help it along until if it reaches an impasse. At times, I think I almost start from a place of “convince me”; if/when you do, you’ve got my complete loyalty behind it.

What seemed to jump out at me was the Kony2012 campaign. Yesterday, this video went viral amongst my Facebook friends. It intrigued my curiosity and I spent 30 min watching it. It was well produced with a strong, compelling storyline. Then came the “what next”. I looked at their action plan and it basically came to (my paraphrase) give money, buy our kit, share the video. Many people have done the 3rd one (Facebook has demonstrated that). Overall, this is a valiant cause: to stop/arrest Joseph Kony. Yet my critical side has two issues with this:

  • I’m surprised that on their website, their main 2 action steps are either donate or buy the kit. If it were really a grassroots campaign, wouldn’t there be other non-monetary ways to move this forward besides those 2 options? As well, what are next steps after he’s arrested? I’m guessing Invisible Children will come up with some kind of follow-up plan, but knowing that big picture helps to get behind this particular action. Otherwise, you take out Kony but leave a void where some other chaos comes into control (see Egypt after Arab Spring or Iraq after Saddam Hussein).
  • (Based on my strengths finders “connectedness”,) I wonder, how important of a priority is this given all the other issues around? I don’t know the answer to that but it needs consideration. It is good to bring awareness of this issue to the public. However, recognizing that if we (ie general public) pour significant resources into this (whether money, time, attention, etc), it comes from somewhere else (and what loses out then).

Many people are quick to jump on this to move it forward. I can admire the passion and conviction of those individuals. I also realize this is the side of me that my friend was critiquing. I wonder/struggle/wrestle with whether I’m just making excuses, or am I part of the balancing act that’s on this continuum of all these issues/causes. The wrestling, with the guudance of God, continues.