The other day, I was listening to a webinar where the speaker discussed various ways of using social media videos. Part of that was the suggestion to use “action” words e.g. exclusive, never-been-seen, etc. Personally, I find when I see those kinds of words, it actually makes me less likely to watch it because it’s so clicheish. It’s almost like a red flag that I then stay away from. (Maybe it’s because of all the spam out there that use the same words.)

In my context, there are many of these “action” words e.g. intentional, missional, strategic, purposeful. I get what they mean. Yet so many people use them so much that those words lose their effect. Almost every leadership talk I’ve heard lately involves either “strategic” or “intentional”. It even leads me to wonder if the person really knows what they’re talking about, or are they just using these action words. When I hear some of those words, I seem to switch to skeptic mode, asking “do you actually know what you’re talking about?” Some people really do mean what they say in terms of really being intentional, missional, strategic. I also realize that I use those words often as well. It’s not to say those words are wrong. But if we overuse them, the meaning gets lost. I need to check back asking  myself if that’s what I’m really aiming for or is it an easy word to use. There’s usually a better way for me to say those kinds of things that is more reflective of who I am vs using the buzz words of the day.

The fact is, all these buzz words are around us. It’s sometimes hard to sift through to see who actually knows what they’re talking about. (Sometimes unfortunately, it feels like the sifting isn’t worth doing and I just shut myself out to all that talk; maybe that’s the cynic in me.)