Today is Palm Sunday (our church studied John 12:12-19). As we were exploring the passage, something dawned on me: Jesus went viral. Previously he raised Lazarus from the dead, just a few miles away from Jerusalem in a town called Bethany. When Jesus returned to Jerusalem, he became the big thing. News spread of Jesus’ latest miracle. The Pharisees acknowledged that the crowd was going after him and they were getting nowhere. Jesus had momentum.

The fact is, it feels like a familiar feel to other more recent viral phenomena like Kony. People were all over it, ready to go with the crowd. On Palm Sunday, people were declaring the kingship of Jesus (though very few were around 5 days later when Jesus was crucified).

With anything viral, what leads to its sustainability? In Jesus, his resurrection answered the viral crowd once and for all. His message of the kingdom of God coming to earth continues today.