main idea: When you face your fears, you can unlock the truth.

In this retelling of Snow White entitled Mirror Mirror, people are afraid of the Queen (played by Julia Roberts). Using dark magic, she intimidates everyone who stands in her way, starting with the king, the people of the kingdom, even Snow White herself. Throughout the story, people refer to the Beast which haunts the woods in the kingdom. Because of fear, people are not willing to stand up to his evil. Eventually, Snow White (played by Lily Collins) not only builds up her confidence in standing up to the Queen, but eventually unlocks the truth of her father’s disappearance and the Queen’s dark secret.

It’s interesting how it seems that sin lives in one of two ways: pride and fear. Pride feeds on the selfish sense of entitlement through demeaning others. Fear immobilizes us in finding out the truth, even if it can be scary. I’ve witnessed both forms in my life. There are times when I’ve been very self-centred and that has led me to sin. There are also times when I’m afraid to really get to the bottom of the darkness within my self and until I do so, sin/fear paralyzes me and doesn’t allow God to really work the sin in my life out of me.

What are you afraid of? (What is it keeping you from discovering?)