main idea: When a team works together without personal agendas, their synergy is greater than the sum of their individual talents/contributions.

In this summer’s big blockbuster Marvel: The Avengers, the collection of all these previously individual superheroes was a comic-con’s dream come true. When I first heard of the movie’s first release, I was curious to see how all these A-list, headlining actors (e.g. Samuel L Jackson, Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, etc.) would come together sharing the spotlight. Just like their on-screen counterparts, the synergy amongst these actors brought a theatrical performance I believe that was greater than their previous individual performances as those characters.

The writer of Ecclesiastes 4:12 alluded to this idea: 1 can be likely overpowered, 2 can stand up, 3 is really hard to break together. When people are willing to work together without trying to get ahead for their own personal gain, God somehow takes those contributions and multiplies that effort exponentially. Perhaps we need to remember, especially in our Christian community, that no one goes it alone. (Seems Jesus knew what he was doing when he established his church to support and encourage one another carrying out his vision.)