Coaching is becoming much of a buzzword is recent months. “Life Coach”. “Spiritual Coach”. “Cultural Coach”. “Transitional Coach”. “Executive Coach”. The other day, I had a behavioural consultant “coach” me. There seem to be two primary definitions of coaching (besides the athletic version):

  • A relationship based on the coach advising the client towards action steps based on the coach’s knowledge/experience that is done with encouragement/support. It seems to be that this kind of coach is seen as “the guru” in which clients pursue to gain insights from his/her background. The coach provides an environment, based on the experiences of the coach, to “push” the client towards those types of action steps.
  • A relationships where the client takes sole responsibility of the dialogue in which the coach provides other perspectives/angles in which the client create their own action steps. In this context, the coach is pursued more for her/his ability to dig deep into the client’s context (even though s/he may not have any experience in that field) so the client will discover the answers they need in order to move forward.

Which of these two definitions resonate with you the most? (Which would you most likely pursue as a client?)