main idea: Integrity is holding steadfast to your core convictions, which builds trust with others.

In Pirates: Band of Misfits, Pirate Captain’s original goal was to win Pirate of the Year. While he seemed to be a long-shot, his crew was completely behind him. However, as part of that journey, Pirate Captain faced with a series of decisions. One key juncture was when Queen Victoria wanted his parrot which turned out to be the last dodo bird. With subversion from Charles Darwin, Pirate Captain sold out, trading his dodo bird who was seen really as one of the crew by the other crew members for a boatload of riches to win Pirate of the Year. But once he sold out of his core value, his pirate band turned away. It’s not until he returned to this core value that a “crew member” aka the dodo bird is greater than any riches, his crew returned to his side.

There are many verses in the Bible that speaks to the core and value of integrity (e.g. Proverbs 28:18). It is what people will evaluate whether we are who we claim we are. When we falter from that, there’s a dissonance that will need to be resolved either by recalibrating back to that core value or changing the core value.

On a side note, this movie also demonstrates how a leader must trust and sometimes heed to the warning of the “second chair leader”. If Pirate Captain had, it would have saved him from a lot of grief since his Second was able to see things Pirate Captain was blind to.