As I’ve grown older, I’m recognizing that there are not as many direct causations as I used to think. For instance, if I made a mistake, I used to believe it predominantly affected just me. Experience (and the Bible) have shown me that really, my mistakes impact others in ways I can’t predict.

I’m recognizing that while there are some elements I can control (my own attitudes, perspectives, etc.), there are many other things that I may be responsible for but really have no total control over. e.g. my children: Some people are quick to point to the passage that if a church elder doesn’t have “control” over his own household, how can he be an elder? At times, that has been taken to legalistic heights not meant to be. However, recognizing that I am not in total control, I just recognize more what I can influence, what I can control and what (to a large extent) I must trust God as he has oversight over all those different moving parts.

It’s hard sometimes. It’s hard to trust God when I want to control. Yet all the pieces which influence each other are so many that I can’t oversee it all.

Maybe, in the end, it’s actually easier to trust God and follow his direction than to think I can control everything.