Interesting how people are into hugging nowadays. I see a group of teenagers get together and they (usually the girls) go hug each other. Some of the guys do the “cool” handshake/bump hug. More of my peers seem to be huggers.

Recently, as I met with a group of people, people were exchanging hugs. One person came up to me to give me a hug and, while I didn’t shriek away, I didn’t exactly “go in for the hug”. More and more, I’ve realized I’m not a hugger. It’s not to say that I will keep away from hugs, but I tend not to be a person who initiates them (except for my wife and kids). I’m not sure if this is due to my introvertedness, my need for personal space or maybe my youth ministry training “playing dead fish”. While others are free to hug if they wish and by no means will I stop a hug (unless inappropriate), I am understanding more and more that my natural tendency is I am not a hugger …

and I’m ok with that.