“I am not an expert!”

Now that you have recovered from the shock, it’s true: I am not an expert. Yet sometimes, whether it’s an expectation from someone else or I impose on myself, I feel as though I must bring something unique, something substantial to a conversation. (I find it interesting that there are many people who seem to feel that MUST interject something that reveals their “expertise” even if it’s barely relatable at all.) Yet I need to remind myself that really, I am not an expert. It’s not to say that I know nothing. Rather I realize, although my calling right now is in youth ministry, I should not expect myself to be an expert in any specific field (including youth ministry). There are tonnes of people who know more than me (I’m surrounded by them at work, at church and pretty much everywhere else I am). I need to remind myself that I need to come into situations much as a learner than a dominant contributor.

I also need to trust God that he’s equipped me to contribute in certain situations and I should do so. But I shouldn’t assume that’s my default role is to be the “expert”. Rather, I need to approach any situation hoping to learn something new and be sensitive enough to recognize when I can give back.

(Maybe some of you are asking, what exactly do I get paid to do then? Another blog for another time.)