More and more, seems people need to have a high-trust relationship before venturing into a new project together. (Makes sense since many people have been burned and are more cautious/skeptical.) As I’ve been working with people, more and more, relationships (and high trust) are highly valued. Without it, it can be tougher to set a course of direction (especially for bold initiatives). Face time becomes a huge expectation. However, there seems to be two obstacles to this kind of investment. 1. In the face of constraining budgets, facetime begins to come at more of a premium. Especially when those relationships are not local, travel costs are getting higher (for flights, gas, etc.). 2. Transitions seem to happen much more frequently than before. As you’re building that relationship with another person, once they change roles, that process starts all over again. People will suggest that some technologies like Skype will assist in that. They can help facilitate parts of a relationship (especially in terms of logistical matters) but they can be very hard to establish a personal fellowship. What do you think is the best way to handle it?