Fantasy seems to be a big thing. Whether through literature, media, porn or RPGs, there’s this dissatisfaction towards reality. Sometimes, dissatisfaction is good. It drives us to make something better than what it could really be. Other times though, that dissatisfaction leads towards an escape, a withdrawal from reality. That’s what distinguishes potential from fantasy. Potential is working within reality to make something better. Fantasy is to withdraw from reality, not wanting to face it.

In our day, there is a blurring of the two at times. We sometimes confuse potential with fantasy. For example, gaming is a form of fantasy (especially with RPGs, avatars, etc.). When you’re done with the game, it doesn’t really bring you closer to reality’s potential because you’re still at the same place where you started originally. (Although the way some companies are using gamification tries to move from fantasy to potential.) Same with pornography: it is really an attempt to withdraw from reality since reality is not as desirable. We use pornography to live out what WE WANT reality to be (although we rarely consider the consequences of what would happen if we all got what we wanted).

The distinction between fantasy and potential can be confusing at times. The key question is, with what you’re involved in, is it for the betterment of reality around you, or is it only for the betterment (and desires) of you?